Defend Tomorrow Initiative

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Sustainable Future: 20 Students Every 6 Months

Invested: $0

Goal: $8500


In 2009, we started our Bangladesh Project in partnership with a small artisan co-op to produce our Market Bag. As demand for the Market Bag has grown, the co-op’s infrastructure needs to grow as well. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to partner with us and with our artisans to build the Bangladesh Sewing Academy. As a stakeholder, you will be a part of the collective investment of $8,500 in the building of a new facility, the purchase of 20 new sewing machines & the wages of 2 trainers who will provide 20 women with employment training every 6 months.


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Market Bag

Artisan crafted in Saidpur, Bangladesh. Our reusable shopping bag is made of 100% recyclable jute fiber with a waterproof lining and reinforced leather handles.

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Get To Know The Artisans

Najma has been sewing & weaving at Saidpur Enterprises for 6 years where she now proudly serves on the Producers Management Committee. Najma, her husband and 4 children have been living in a refugee camp, but with her wages & the dividends she receives from her share in the co-op, she has begun to rebuild the brick walls of her family home, where she hopes to soon return.

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+ Advocate: Sophia Bush

Actress, director and lifelong activist Sophia Bush is a strong voice for human rights, environmental initiatives and women's development. Last year she came across our Market Bag and became a fast friend and our first advocate for the Defend Tomorrow Initiative. Find out more about her story of activism and what she's doing to spread the word and encourage investment in the Bangladesh Sewing Academy.